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By evalunda is a company that develops and experiments with shirts and textiles. Our vision is to create playfulness and elegance with shirts. We buy the most beautiful cotton poplin fabric from the best shirt factory in Italy and we also dye our fabrics by hand by skilled artisans in Jaipur in India. Our shirts are produced by skilled taylors in New Delhi in India.

We are looking for inspiration everywhere in the world in order to create beautiful shirts. We create images of fantastic females and investigates what gives them inspiration in life.

We love the flair and the elegance of the shirt and how it can be minimalistic elegant or playful in the form. We are interested in how people communicate with their clothes.

We try to work as eco conscious as we can, and we do small collections, not always in seasons trends. We try not to have big stocks and do not have sales.

We find lots of inspiration from Milano, where we find the fashion and the style is very personal, playful, experimental and elegant, constantly in development.


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We believe that wearing pieces made with conscious production methods and fabrics while incorporating luxurious details and high quality design give a higher level of gratitude to us and to the end consumer.

We are constantly researching and finding new ways to produce beautiful garments and always strive to improve to become more knowledgeable and more sustainable.

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