We create modern, elegant and timeless womenswear using high quality and conscious materials. We want to make each day special ensuring an exceptional experience each time you were our pieces. 



We focus on creating designs that are classic yet that stretch the boundaries. What's not to love about the traditional, white shirt in an oversized look? Or a shirt and trousers set in a sleek, glossy, deep blue color? These are just a couple of designs that make up our collections. 


We love to create pieces for everyday wear that elevate your look and, most importantly, how you feel. We always want to be elegant but effortlessly so. Our pieces allow you to be just that; Forever elegant and cool while stretching your own boundaries both mentally and physically.



Being proactive and taking a stand on the overconsumption of resources, the increasing waste we humans contribute to, and the use of harmful materials and production methods is a good step ahead to help our planet. We ensure that each individual making up the by evalunda production chain is strictly aligned with our values aiding us in creating luscious garments with extreme precision and attention.

We believe that wearing pieces made with conscious production methods and fabrics while incorporating luxurious details and high quality design give a higher level of gratitude to us and to the end consumer.

We are constantly researching and finding new ways to produce beautiful garments and always strive to improve to become more knowledgeable and more sustainable.