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O u r  S u p p l i e r s


We have 3 suppliers located in New Delhi, Jaipur, and Gujarat. Our tailoring studio is based in New Delhi, which started from a small company, a one man's team, to now an ambitious and driven team composed of 20 skilled tailors. The founder, Mr. Tarak, has been able to grant jobs to his fellow community members to whom he has passed on his 12 years of experience and skills. They are passionate about their work and extremely determined allowing them to develop graceful and precious garments. They use beautiful black and white mother pearl buttons, and precious threading. Mr. Tarak ensures the quality of the fabric and material reach our high standards, and never makes any exception; quality and beauty is what motivates him to strive for perfection. 


Our suppliers that dye and print our fabric are based in Jaipur. They have a beautiful facility that stretches over a large area right outside the beautiful pink town of Jaipur. Each facility area is authentic and artisanal which corresponds to their values of striving for sustainability using natural materials. They provide jobs for their community and are a major drive for sustainable thinking. The men and women are experts at what they do and they do it wholeheartedly.


Our suppliers that develop the Mashru fabric are based in Gujarat, one of the very few places this traditional weaving method still takes place. They use traditional tools and practices to create the beautiful, glossy fabric of Mashru, a blend between organic cotton and silk.


With the help from our suppliers we are able to create beautiful, elegant and timeless pieces that incorporate grace and power, with delicate yet strong details allowing for each individual piece to represent a sensation, a memory, a story….

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