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the wild landscape
rough marram grass, heather, beach orchids

the sound of the rough north sea
brings sofia and her dog brasse
to this remote island
on the tip of a scandinavian peninsula


she takes a needed break at

a rustic, rural
friends summer house

brasse protects and observes
sofia watches over his every move
their long walks along the white blanket of sand and dips in the sea
fills the day
they surrender to the beauty of nature
which offers replenishment
for the soul


her work involves hunting for locations

she researches and documents
the treasures that are found
with photography that captures

the beauty of each place


she speaks of freedom

spontaneity and the


halina ekberg
august 23, 2018


Sofia's dedication lies in finding the right location and atmosphere. She is always in search for interesting places, authentic houses or beautiful and rough nature.

She works as a location scout and has been involved with many exciting projects. When she is not on the road location hunting, she loves to cook and bring people together. Her favorite: long dinner with friends with tons of laughters, wine, good food and inspiring conversations.  

One calm week in the Danish countryside calms her down and gives her time for long walks with her dog Brasse, read and swim among the rough waves.


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