An oversized shirt, made of organic cotton poplin, with white big mother-pearl-buttons and a characteristic collar. The uniqueness: its pale cool grey ecofriendly colour and big white mother-of-pearl buttons. 


This shirt is part of our au Naturel collection; A collection presenting versitile, elegant and timeless pieces that celebrates the nature and the colours of flowers.


Size: One size

Color: lavender

Material: 100% organic cotton poplin

Dyeing method: Ecofriendly dye


Care instruction

Careful mashinewash in 40 C water.

Avoid exposing it to direct heat sources over an extensive period of time.

Keep away from lemon and other citrus fruits as it may damage the natural dye.

No tumble dry. Do not use detergents that contains bleach or enzymes, that will alter the colour. We use linseedoil soap to wash our shirts.

BoxyBOO lavender